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Why Groom your Dog?

Many dog owners wash their dogs at home,

however there are several advantages to

sending them to a professional dog groomer.

All dogs will benefit regular grooming whether they are short haired or long and fluffy as it

removes dirt, oils and dear hair. for long haired dogs it is recommended you groom your dog every 6-8 weeks.


Reasons for Grooming... Remember CHAIR

C = Cleanliness

Keeping your dog’s coat clean by removing dirt, debris and odour from the coat.

Removes dead hair and build up of grease and oils. This helps maintain a healthy shiny nourished coat and leaving your dog feeling clean and smelling fresh.

Helps keep your home and car cleaner too!!

H= Health/Hygiene

Keeping your dog groomed regularly helps stimulate new coat growth and

prevents formation of knots and matting which may lead to skin irritation. If you have a dog that is long coated it can sometimes leave a bit of a mess back there. We can trim these areas to keep them hygienic. 

A= Appearance

We like to look our best, so why shouldn't our dog? Whether its just a tidy up, or a style cut, its always nice to help our 4 legged friends look their best.

I = Inspection

Regular grooming is also a great way to check for parasites or an suspicious lumps and bumps.

What we groomers look out for :-

We check that the eyes are clean, clear and bright with no signs of redness, soreness or runniness.

We check that the ears and clean and free from odour, Ears should be free of wax, redness, discharge and free of excessive hair to aid


We check the nose is clean and moist and free from cracking. There should be no runny discharge. We check that teeth and gums are white with no excess tartar. There should be no inflammation, drooling or foul odour.

We check the skin and coat is clean and free from lumps, bumps, warts, sores, cuts and bald patches.

We check the nails and pads are smooth white or black. Pads should be free from cuts & sores. Nails should not be touching the floor.

We check for Matts. Matts are nasty entanglements which are formed when dead loose undercoat becomes trapped by the top or guard hair and start to clump and twist together. If matts are left treated they can become very painful and sore for your dog and may become infected or inflamed. it can also be breeding ground for fleas.

NOTE: it is extremely important to groom regularly to prevent matts occurring in your dog. Extreme care should be taken when removing matts as you can easily cut the skin. A professional groomer will be able to help dematt or in some cases the coat may need to be shaved.

R= Relationship

Grooming is extremely important and plays a huge part of a dogs

socialisation skills. Regular grooming helps create a bond with the dog and if started from a young age in a positive manner also accustoms your puppy to being handled, and to accept the grooming routine. Grooming also provides your dog with mental and physical stimulation